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Trigger Tamer - Improves your AUG trigger




I loved my AUG, but hated its trigger.  But before I tell you about that, I must tell you about an email I just got from one of our newest customers.  You see, the Trigger Tamer is such a great improvement, that it is not only more pleasant to shoot, but it can drastically improve your accuracy!

"The main reason I didn't used to like to shoot my AUG was that it would not put the bullets where I wanted, because pulling the heavy trigger was totally unpleasant. The trigger pull was the only part of a proper marksmanship picture that was missing for this gun.

Fifteen years later, the Trigger Tamer to finally gave me hope that $59.95 can turn my expensive AUG "plinker" into something useful on the 300 yard range.  Who knows, maybe it would even hold its own on the 500 yard range too?

The Trigger Tamer came and I dropped it in. Dry Fired.  EXCELLENT!  After taking it out to the range and seeing what reality became, I was even happier. Before Trigger Tamer, my best groups were about four inches at 60 yards. Trigger Tamer tightened that up to one inch!

Thank you, Trigger Tamer, for literally making me able to truly enjoy my AUG"

--Pete G.

A great rifle with a lousy trigger is like a pretty gal who's missing a front tooth.  They're both attractive until you learn their real flaws.  The Steyr AUG and USR rifles are great (as are the TPD AXR and the MSAR STG 556 clones), except for a heavy trigger that takes a team of monkeys to help you pull.  Wrestling with a long, heavy pull does nothing for accuracy, let alone the pleasure of shooting an otherwise great rifle.



When I first got my AUG, I was frustrated with its miserable trigger, and looked for solutions to lighten that overweight pull.  I researched replacement springs, but none existed.  So, I dug into the trigger pack, and after some head scratching, invented a way to cure the Steyr Aug rifle's worst flaw.  Unable to find a lighter spring, I realized that that trigger spring just needed to be relaxed a bit.  I calculated what it would take to reduce the spring tension by about one-third, and designed a drop-in part with a notch in just the right spot. Brilliant, huh?  So clever that there is now a patent pending on the concept!  Thus was born the Trigger Tamer(TM) drop-in part, and AUG shooters will never be the same again.

And this unique device has received US Patent Number 7,165,352. The patent was written by a prominent gun patent attorney, who specializes in gun patents and gun trademarks, for a lot of respected firearms patent clients in the industry.

A dealer raves:

"You should have seen the look on customers' faces when they tried their new triggers!  The best part is that there is now a consistently GREAT trigger pull on all 6 guns. GREAT PRODUCT. Waiting for your next great idea."

--Steve A., St. James, NY  

A Trigger Tamer user writes:

"Great product. I'm extremely happy with the resulting trigger pull.  Shooters will feel quite a difference from the factory set pull."

--R.V., Washington State

Another Trigger Tamer user writes:

"Worked like a charm.  Very satisfied"

--Bob B., USA

ANOTHER Trigger Tamer user writes:

"It's Awesome!  Best Thing I did for my AUG!"

--Tim R., USA

Yet another Trigger Tamer user writes:

"It's Amazing.  I installed it in an AUG AR15mag stock upgrade, so I was able to keep an original trigger set up for comparison.  And there is no comparison.  It is super!  Instructions were great too.  Nice ingenious idea.  A mandatory upgrade for serious shooters."

--Greg G.., USA


Trigger Tamer resting on AUG trigger pack



You would think that every single USR or AXR or MSAR or AUG rifle owner will want to buy a Trigger Tamer for each of their rifles, right?  Unfortunately, there are some misguided AUG owners who think that the proper place for a great rifle is in a box, never to be fired as God intended.  Sometimes I want to smack these bozos on the side of the head and tell them to get out on the range and let those rifles sing (they might even improve some shooting skills in the process.)

No, the Trigger Tamer product is all about shooting.  Satisfying shooting, precise shooting, fun shooting.  We serious shooters want the best performance from our gear.  We work to find the ammunition that our guns like best, don't we?  Because we want to squeeze every bit of performance we can get out of our rifle .  Now, for about the cost of a spare magazine, you can gain enhanced accuracy, shot-after-shot, for the life of the rifle.  Who could say no to that?

An industry professional lays it on the line:

"Your Trigger Tamer dramatically improves that hated AUG trigger.  The product is definitely worth the price.  I can't imagine any AUG shooter not having a Trigger Tamer!"

--Mark McWillis, T.R.O.S.(Suppressor and adapter manufacturer.)

Except for those safe queens, every Steyr AUG and USR (and AXR and MSAR) rifle (at least those whose owners love them enough to shoot them) absolutely must have one of these simple, drop-in Trigger Tamer parts.  it even works in full-auto and burst packs (in fact, one is already installed in the famed "Die Hard" AUG, whose owner isn't afraid to shoot a unique collectible.)

If that collector has the cojones to get out and shoot full rock-n-roll with his museum piece, shouldn't all AUG owners get those "safe queens" out to the range?



Did I tell you yet?  Not only does the The Trigger TamerTM drop-in part give you an ideal-weight reduced trigger pull, but it also can be installed with the spring in the standard original notch.  That way, if for some inexplicable reason you are tired of slick, accurate shooting, you can always restore the overweight original pull, just to remind you how lucky you are that someone finally found a cure for your "AUG Trigger Blues"!

I suppose you might also use the original pull weight if you were going on patrol through heavy brush, or in any other circumstance away from a controlled shooting range, or where the trigger might accidentally be contacted.  And I suppose if you were issuing your favorite rifle to green troops, or dropping it from a helicopter, you might take such precautions.  But for the real world sport shooter, the six pound pull is the perfect "Goldilocks" "just right" setting that lets your rifle operate reliably in every respect.

One more advantage: when we engineered this solution, we found a material that is even better than the original part.  Somehow, the Delrin material we use is even smoother and slicker than the original Steyr AUG part.  That means an even smoother take-down action than before.  This new white-colored part hidden deep in your rifle may not match the original AUG green (or black), but who cares when you get real operational improvements?



It will probably take you longer to read through the detailed illustrated (and included in a booklet with the part) than it will take to install the part.  One customer has "complained" that it took him longer to find his pin punch than to do the quick part swap!  I told him that all he needed was a ball point pen to push out a pin, since no special tools are needed for installing your Trigger Tamer.  But even if you don't want to install it yourself, you can simply bring it to any gunsmith with a copy of the instructions for a quick installation in a matter of minutes.)



What if after trying out a Trigger Tamer in your AUG you just don't like the smoother, lighter trigger pull?  (If so, I'll bet you would probably dislike a prime porterhouse, a new Porsche, and an a supermodel with whom to share them.)   Well, if you don't like it, don't worry, because you can send it back and get every penny refunded, including the shipping costs that are included in the price.  Your original part will install back in just as easily, and you can continue giving your trigger finger the unmatched muscle-building workout offered by the heavy original trigger. 

Purchasers have a 60-day trial period to return the device for any reason for a full refund.  You can even get your money back if you don't like the color.  (Maybe I should mention that no one has EVER asked us for a refund, since no Trigger Tamer owner would dream of going back to the old trigger weight.)

Here's proof:

"I'm pleased with the results, it really cleans up the trigger.  Good job!"

--B.C., Texas, USA

Here's more:

"The difference in trigger pull is amazing!  It also seems to be a smoother pull."

--Bob S., Blythwood, SC

In addition, our Delrin part is so tough and strong that we offer a lifetime replacement guarantee against breakage, wear, and any other problem.  The lifetime guarantee covers the original owner and any subsequent purchasers.



That's what it comes down to.  A few bucks to make all the difference, and to shut up all those obnoxious AR15 shooters who mock the heavy trigger pull they think AUG shooters are stuck with.  For the cost of the ammo that real shooters like us expend in a few hours at the range, you can join the world of sweet triggers.  (Ok, maybe there are sweeter custom triggers on target rifles, but I guarantee that you will agree that your AUG trigger will go from "stinky" to "darn good.")

So, there you have it.  Click below to place your order with an ordinary credit card.


The best shot your AUG ever fired awaits you.


             Ben Langlotz
             Inventor of the Trigger Tamer
             Firearms Patent Attorney

PS. If you have more than one AUG or USR rifle, or have friends who are also looking for a better AUG trigger, be sure to consider the great deals on 3-packs and dealer 10-packs at the order page.

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