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Q: What about Trigger Tamer purchases outside of the US?

We ship only to US addresses.  No International shipments.


Q: How does the current version of the Trigger Tamer unit differ from the original version?

A: In the "beta test" phase several years ago, our earliest customers received Trigger Tamer units that were made of a different material, and which had a different trigger weight.  Based on their feedback, we have upgraded to the tougher and slicker Delrin material and selected the optimum lighter trigger weight.


But don't feel sorry for our "lab rats", because the moment we produced the improved current version, each and every one received the improved replacement part at no cost, without even having to ask for it.  That is how committed we are to providing the very best quality Trigger Tamer product and customer service.


The white color may show some slight discoloration, which is a normal result of the manufacturing process.  It has no effect on function or smoothness of operation, but obsessive AUG owners may remove it with a light sanding with 320 grit or finer sandpaper.


Q: Will it work the same in all Steyr AUG and USR trigger packs?

A: Probably, but with a few occasional minor exceptions.  Different trigger packs have different original pull weights (ours may be 9 pounds, yours may be 11 pounds), and this will determine the actual reduced weights provided by the part.  Your Trigger Tamer unit will provide about 2/3rds the weight of the standard setting.  Note that if certain modifications to your springs have been made, your Steyr USR or AUG rifle may fail to function properly with the lighter spring setting.  This may include failure to reset, slam fire, and unexpected bursts.  ALL installations should be tested carefully at a controlled range using all safety precautions.

Q: What about the new TPD AXR and MSAR STG-556 US-made AUG clone, and the NATO stock that accepts NATO magazines?

A: Your Trigger Tamer will work great, provide all the same benefits, and all guarantees still apply.  However, a few users have said that it is trickier to install in the MSAR, presumably because the internals differ just a little (we haven't looked for ourselves.)  If you have any trouble, we suggest a minor bit of filing to ease the installation (this does not void your satisfaction warranty.)  But many have found it just fine as delivered, so modification may not be necessary.  The AXR has presented no problems whatsoever.  The trigger-weight benefits will be the same for either as for the Steyr Aug, about a 1/3 reduction in weight.



Q: Is it really the perfect part?

A: Yup.  It really is.  With our updated version's improved material and design, we think that we have achieved the ultimate "must-have" accessory for every Steyr AUG and Steyr USR rifle.


Q: Will it work with Steyr AUG full auto trigger packs?

A: You betcha.  It installs identically, and operates the same.  There may be limitations in that some packs with modified springs may not be suitable for the lighter setting, as noted above.  The full refund applies, so there is no risk.

Q: Any cleaning or maintenance advice?

Nothing special needed.  The TRIGGER TAMER part and the lock it replaces are not moving parts during rifle operation, except at takedown.  Wear is not a concern, and lubrication does not affect trigger operation.  The part is formed of rigid Delrin, and will clean without aggresive solvents.  Like the rest of the plastic parts, soap and water will clean it just fine, and no lubrication is necessary.


Q: Will anyone else manufacture or sell Trigger Tamer parts?  Will Steyr adopt the improvement for its new rifles?

We welcome inquiries from retailers and manufacturers.  The patent rights may be available for exclusive or non-exclusive license.



The gun patent lawyer who designed and patented the Trigger Tamer:

Firearms patents and gun patents.
Free book advises firearms inventors and gun inventors.
Firearms trademark advice for new businesses.

A Steyr discussion board and information goldmine: is a recent site covering all Steyr products, including the AUG.  Visit the AUG discussion forum.

A popular free buy/sell forum: is a very active bulletin board with advertisments for AUG and other military and collectible firearms and accessories.

A great source for AUG parts and magazines:

PJA Investments Company is a direct importer of parts, and is an honest, reliable source at prices that are usually the best around.  They have sold over a thousand AUGs over the years.  Note that they may no longer be a source of parts, with recent changes in their business.

An AUG-specific discussion board and information goldmine: is an excellent AUG-specific discussion board on the net.  It also includes scans of AUG manuals, instructions about AUG takedown procedures, as well many other sources of information of interest to the AUG owner.

Trigger improvements for non-AUG firearms:

Williams Trigger Specialties does excellent work at a reasonable cost to reduce trigger pull or provide set triggers for HK rifles, AR-15, AR-10 and variants, AK 47, Galil, and Valmet, FAL, M1 carbine, M1A, Garand, AR-180, FNC, FN-49, 10-22, and Mini-14.  If Williams would have had a solution for the AUG, I would never have bothered to invent the Trigger Tamer!

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