Trigger TamerTM
Improves Your AUG Trigger
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A: No, other than the quality and weight of the trigger pull.  It will not make your semi-auto into a full-auto, nor will it make your full-auto into a semi-auto. 


In rare instances, a semi-auto AUG rifle may be affected by wear, dirt, an obsolete trigger pin, or modified springs, and may be prone to "doubling" in response to a single trigger pull.  This can occur with the original trigger parts.  In a rare case, a Trigger Tamer installation may uncover this problem in a marginal rifle, and it should be corrected by a qualified gunsmith.  The Trigger Tamer part is not designed or intended to provide repeat fire, and will not have that effect on properly operating semi-auto rifles.  Anyone unable to correct such a problem is advised to return their Trigger Tamer unit for a full refund. 




A: Yes.  Reducing the trigger weight makes any rifle less tolerant of dropping or accidental trigger contact, and requires greater care than in the original heavy trigger weight.  The AUG and USR rifles are exceptionally safe as designed.  Their heavy trigger pull prevents unintentional discharge even in the most extreme incidents of dropping the rifle or accidental brushing of the trigger.  With the trigger set to a lower weight, reduced force or drop height will be needed to accidentally discharge the rifle. 

Lower trigger weights require greater care, and are not suitable for field use where branches or other obstructions may touch the trigger.  The shooter should keep all parts of his hand out of the handguard of a loaded rifle until the sights are safely on the target.  Users selecting a lower trigger weight than the standard weight are sacrificing some safety margin for increased performance and accuracy.  Accordingly, the rifle should be treated like any target rifle with a low trigger weight, and not carried or transported when loaded.  Following all firearms safety rules is especially critical with lower trigger weights. 


In addition, some rifles may have springs that have been modified by a prior user to achieve a lighter weight.  In such circumstances, use of the Trigger Tamer device's lighter notch may yield inadequate force to properly reset.  This may lead to double shots, slam fires, or other unpredictable behavior.  USE ALL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS WHEN INITIALLY TESTING YOUR TRIGGER TAMER TO VERIFY PROPER OPERATION.


Seriously, folks, whether you leave the trigger at the ugly/heavy pull, or slicken it up with a Trigger Tamer, ya gots to be careful.  But if you are willing to use care, you are then ready to...



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